Bounty (gina_trent) wrote in tmi_questions,

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Uh.. hemorrhoids anyone?

Well, hello one and all. I have an annoying issue with an external hemorrhoid (I call him Spock). I've used the typical over the counter treatment but it's not going away at all! Plus it does this odd little thing where it seems to disappear sometime during the night when I sleep only to show up again once I'm up and moving around. Does that sound normal to anyone who's dealt this this before?

Second question which might help with question one. I'm going to try laxatives to see it that helps at all seeing how I'm sorta constipated beyond belief. Is there any brand that you guys would suggest?

And, yes, if Spock doesn't get better I plan on going to the doctor.. aka the free clinic because yay for no insurance! Woo!

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