Chrissy Mad Anderson (madelynnm) wrote in tmi_questions,
Chrissy Mad Anderson

freaked out..

I'm a little bit beyond terrified right now...

I have had a UTI or thought it was anyhow since like last week. It didn't get UTI fuck me painful til like Sunday night/Monday, I took those magic pee changing color pills and voila...gone. This really has nothing to do with my question, or at least I hope...a few months ago my pee also smelled like Smoked Ham, which I can't eat so I know it wasn't that. Now it just kind of really stinks, as of this week.

Anyway, my freaking out has to do with this...I've had a sore throat for a few days now and today I really got a good look in my throat thanks to my plaque cleaner that has a light on it and I saw these bubble like things on the back of my throat, behind the Uvula which DEFINITELY were not here last week. I know this because I had a camera shoved up my nose and down twice (last Tuesday and Thursday) by an ENT. My throat didn't hurt until Monday really though. I guess I'm freaked out because anytime you try and ask someone or look it up online, all the results are STDs, for pretty much anything. Headache? You have syphilis. So I'm wondering, what's the liklihood that it could be that? I am sexually active but have been with the same person for quite some time now and he's pretty, well, innocent. ;) My past partners to my knowledge are clean as well and I've been STD tested since before my newest. And could the bubbles be irritation from the camera? it's on the right side, which is where the camera was sent (the nostril) and when I swallowed I could feel it pushing backward. Although, that wouldn't really explain the green crap I've been coughing up.

And the reason for the cameras is that I lose my voice almost daily, my throat spasms and just general annoying issues that are getting progressively worse and are actually becoming less of a nuisance and more of a problem. The doc says part of my left vocal cords are missing, my throat spasms, cords don't close and my actual throat is over compensating, so I have no idea what is going on with my crazy body. I also have Celiac and Ehlers Danlos so I have no idea if that would have anything to do with this but I'd doubt it.

Sorry for rambling, am just freaked. Can anyone shed some light?
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