Not blind, not deaf, but definitely dumb. (seris) wrote in tmi_questions,
Not blind, not deaf, but definitely dumb.

yo hey sup

what can i do about assne (that is acne on your ass and also i have a few pimples back there and i would kind of like them gone)

i have tried using acne wash intended for the face on my ass but that didnt really help and instead ended up burning and stinging for like 2 hours afterwards

then i tried using one of those acne alcohol swabs that are also intended for the face and that did nothing

then for shits and giggles i tried using one of those biore nose pore cleanser things and that did nothing but rip out some hairs i had back there which by the fucking way, that hurt a lot

anyway, what would you guys recommend for getting rid of assne, if anything?

ps: i keep my ass as clean as i can i swear, i even stick the showerhead up my butt and wiggle around a little (I SWEAR THIS IS NOT FOR SEXUAL PLEASURE NO MATTER HOW MUCH I EJACULATE ANYWAY)
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