Poppy Toade (poppytoads) wrote in tmi_questions,
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Did an alien just come out of my vagina?


my boyfriend and I were having sex, and afterwards while cleaning ourselves up, he noticed something weird on his hand.

We're not sure which one of us this may have come from. I'm guessing me though. My period pretty much just ended the other day, and I'm on BC.

I should point out that he didn't come inside of me. And he was fingering me for a good, long period of time before getting himself off.

It's squishy, but when you poke it, there's resistance.

It looks sort of like a fetus...I'm really confused.

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It's a tiny piece of heart-shaped uterine lining! I bet what happened was with all of the dilating, tugging, and contracting of your vaginal muscles combined with the flow of vaginal secretions, it just got knocked loose. It could have been stuck up there from your period, probably behind your cervix.

If you're really super concerned, make an appointment with a gynecologist and take it in for testing, but this seems pretty normal to me.
Thank you!!! That makes a lot of sense. I considered something similar, but I wasn't sure if ^^^ that's what uterine lining would look like.
it could even be a very small cervical polyp, really nothing to be concerned about- often they present with symptoms of excessive/irregular bleeding with contact, and the gyno will literally remove them by clamping and twisting them off. other than that, they don't pose a problem.
OH WAIT.. Cut it open!!
Uhhh this was like a year ago, I don't have it hanging around the house anymore.