b@ (xreachtheskyx) wrote in tmi_questions,

First time poster, not a very gross question, but nonetheless.

So I'm feeling around in my nose for some gold to dig out (in my left nostril in particular, since there's been a lot of crusty ones up there that I kept foolishly picking out, making it bleed a few times) and now I feel a lump inside of it. Like there's something inside of the skin of my nose, or something. A little cyst?
Is this just... a pimple or something? Should I be worried? (probably not) and most of all, is this the result of me picking my nose to death?

also, to make this post more interesting and less lame, does anyone else cry every single time they use the bathroom? Not like BOO HOO crying, I mean tears just naturally come with peeing/pooping. I don't push or anything, but basically every single time I use the bathroom, I tear up. I asked my dad once (god bless his soul) about it years ago and he was like "WHY, ARE YOU SAD ABOUT YOUR POOP OR SOMETHING" in a joking manner and I was so embarrassed and never asked again.
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