TMI Questions!

For that Nasty Shit.

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TMI Questions
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Have you got a pus-filled boil? Perhaps an oozing, infected wound of some sort? Would you like to know if you can share the bumps on your crotch?

Then welcome, one and all, to the illest, most disgusting Question community around,

TMI Questions!

If you're wondering about the sick shit going on with your body, or your cat's body, or maybe that green shit growing out of your parapelegic uncle's face, look no further for your answers! This is the place to ask all the questions you're way too embarrassed to ask anyone you actually know. No worries, kids. We don't judge, we think your oozing anus is really sexy.

General Rules/Guidelines

1. This community is tmi_questions. "TMI" means "Too Much Information", and a Question, as defined by dictionary.com is "An expression of inquiry that invites or calls for a reply." If your post does not include a question about something that could be considered "tmi", don't post it here. If it's just a gross story, try too_much_info. If it's just a question, try thequestionclub.
2. Ask about your asshole, don't be one.
3. Say no to drama. If you are only here to flame people, go the fuck away. After your first offense, I will warn you. If you do it twice,  I will ban you.  If you have a problem with another member, please contact the mod, and it will be taken care of in a civil manner. If it's a personal thing, deal with it on your own journal.
4. Posts that violate livejournal's TOS will be deleted, and the poster will be banned immediately. If you can't follow the rules of this site, you don't deserve a second chance.
5. Post pictures behind a cut. If you don't know how to post a picture, or how to use an lj-cut, click here and here, respectively.
6. Do not bitch if you looked at a picture at work and got fired. Nothing in this community is work safe, so if there's a cut, don't fucking click on it at work. If you do, your newfound unemployment will be your problem, not mine.
7. Non-members are not allowed to post entries or comments. If you want to post, feel free to join. It is an open community, after all.

For more fun, check out too_much_info and thequestionclub, two communities which are collectively the inspiration for this one.

This community belongs to hammersickle. If you have problems with this community or someone in it, contact her.

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